Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's almost August

My 3 cuties in Utah. Yes, I was standing on the right of them. And yes, this is the best shot we got.

This is Tia with her cousin Elisabeth getting ready for "camping". They slept in the tent in the backyard and Tia was SOOOO excited!!! Daddy will have to take her camping now. (Notice I didn't say mommy. =-))

You have to click on the picture to blow it up and see the true love of ice cream this boy possesses. And how cute is he sitting in the wagon?

Fish face? Kisses? I don't know but super cute!!!

We are back from a long vacation to Utah and Idaho. I think it will be a while before Max wants to sit in his car seat for any length of time. It was a long drive. We had such a fun time at my brother Dave's house as you can see. Getting out of the AZ heat was wonderful!!! We did all get the stomach flu (except Kevin and my brother, go figure) but what could be more bonding than throwing up together?! Ha ha. No, only a few got it while we were actually there. The rest saved it for this week.

School starts here on Monday. Tia will be in first grade and it will be the first time she is going to school ALL day. I am a ball of nerves. I got sick to my stomach as I shopped for lunch box foods yesterday. I really have NO idea if she will eat anything. She is a super picky eater and only eats warmed up foods like raviolis, mac and cheese, etc. So, what to pack in a lunch box??? I don't know! She won't eat bread or meat or cheese or pretty much anything packable. I am just planning on heating stuff before she goes to school and hope she eats it 4 hours later. She is in a regular ed. classroom but will have an aide with her so she won't be able to just eat the cookies and go play. But, I am sad. I will really miss her. She will have therapy 4 days a week right after school, then do homework, eat dinner and go to bed. She is losing her playtime and that makes me sad. It also makes me worry about her behavior getting crazy. I hope it all goes well and I have worried all summer for no reason. =-)

Ty goes to preschool and has a new teacher this year. He is pretty easy going and I think he will be fine. Max may be confused to have such a quiet house for a few hours a day. I'm SURE he will enjoy his one-on-one time with mommy. He is a mama's boy. Poor guy got the stomach flu on vacation and now has a cold. He has been really cranky and I think he is teething as well. It makes the days really long this week. But, I still have to say whenever anyone asks about him I have to just say he is wonderful. Because he really is such a joy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July fun

Our little Serbian-American celebrating the 4th of July! How cute is that?! We didn't get to see any fireworks but we went to a parade and had tons of fun in Flagstaff at my sister's house. We went to Mormon Lake and saw team roping, buffalo, goats, chickens, cows, etc. The kids were all excited to see "real cowboys."

Now that Max weighs 21 lbs., 9 oz (9780 grams) he gets a forward facing car seat!!! Yes, that is over 4 lbs of weight gain in 6 weeks! We are officially off Pediasure and onto whole milk. Well, as soon as we can wean him off the flavorful Pediasure. We are at about a 30/70 mix right now in favor of milk.

This is Tia and Tyler playing hide-and-seek. Can you find them??? Too funny!!! If I say, "Where are Tia and Tyler, I can't find them. Tia will stay hidden but yell out, "Over here. Look over here." Kids are awesome!

Max has his first word!! He is clapping his hands now and with it says, "EEEAA" otherwise known as, "YEAH." He is such a joy. He loves balls and is really starting to love playing with Tia and Tyler. Tia is not fond of sharing her tea parties with the party wrecker but she loves him. I can't believe we have had him for almost 2 months now. In some ways it feels like he has been here forever and in other ways it feels like he just got here. He is changing everyday and picking up new skills left and right. It is so much fun to be part of showing him new things and watching him succeed and learn. He is funny and silly and fits right in. He is such a blessing to our home!