Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 Years Ago!

2012- Yesterday for Crazy Hair Day

Found him "fixing stuff" with his little drill and of course the safety goggles!

So happy to get his baseball trophy last week

2012- Tie Day at school




That's right.  4 years ago tonight, we stepped off the plane with our little Serbian.  He was so tiny and low tone.  Not anymore.  Now we wonder if anyone has told him that he is not supposed to be so strong!  Boy is he an athlete! He cannot wait until he can play more sports.  This year he played baseball and hit coach pitch better than half the team. (And he is by far the youngest player.)  He can run, jump and climb like you've never seen.  OK--I had never seen.  My other 3 were busy but mellow.  Max can rearrange a room in 10 minutes.  I mean, everything out of the closet, mattresses on the floor, water bottle emptied on the carpet...  Max is my "always know where he is or you will pay for it" kid.  :-)  He LOVES the garbage truck and could watch a landscape crew all day.  He loves hats, sunglasses, crazy colored socks, and scarves.  He is funny as funny can be.  He is smart and figures out  everything before I think he can/should.  He is so fun to sing with as he uses his funny voices to make me laugh. His smile is the best around.  I really, really cannot imagine my life without him!  He adds spice to my life making sure it is never dull or boring.  Oh how I love that boy of mine.  I thank my Father in Heaven for leading us to him! 

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Unknown said...

I admire you and your strength. The world needs more patient, loving and kind people like yourself and your husband.