Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ear tubes

Max got ear tubes Monday. He had built up fluid that wasn't going away. We don't know how long it was there so we figured we better not wait much longer. It was decreasing his hearing by 40-50 decibels. They did the ABR (hearing test) while he was still under and his hearing is perfect now that the fluid is gone. Yeah!! He has seemed more mellow too. He used to be REALLY loud sometimes. Now he doesn't seem to need to yell as much. Although, I am still testing this theory as it has only been a few days. It may just be wishful thinking. :-)
I always hate having a child in surgery but he did great. I mean he was screaming when I got to the post surgery room but he calmed quickly with a bottle and mommy. He is NOT a fan of men in a doctor's office setting so I made sure it would be a woman caring for him all the way through. Before surgery, he let the girl do the vitals just fine but when the male anesthesiologist came in to just listen to his lungs, he threw a fit. Funny! Anyway, he is doing great now.
He is signing "More" now. It is SOOO cute. He signs "more" every time he wants more tickles. He says "OOOO" for "Choo Choo" and "Brrrrr" when he plays with a toy car. He is all boy! He loves balls, trucks, cars, trains and especially the school bus. He watches it everyday until it is out of sight. Yup, he's cute!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our second interview this week

Here is the link to our second interview.
Type "Down syndrome" in the search spot and then click on Sharing Down Syndrome AZ

Max was SO cute!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Link to story

Here is the link for the news story that ran tonight.  I think it went well.  What do you think?  Like I said before, at least the kids are cute!!!  It shows a commercial first and then our story.

Max the Celebrity

So, if you haven't read the last post, read it now. I guess it is my week to be a superstar because I am now going to do a live interview on Fox 10 at 8:30am tomorrow morning. So, if you want to see me and Max---again, you can watch that too. So, tonight at 9 on Channel 3 and tomorrow at about 8:30am on channel 10. The Fox interview is about the Buddy Walk and Sharing Down Syndrome AZ. (One of the support groups in AZ). Who knew Max would have his moment of fame so soon? =-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Tomorrow night at 9pm my family will be on Channel 3 "News at Nine." They came out and interviewed me on Friday afternoon. McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin has a son with Down syndrome so DS is getting a lot of media attention right now. I think it's great. So, last Thursday the news station called and asked if I would do an interview. I said sure. They said they wanted to do it in my home and "would today or tomorrow be better?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now if you have a house ready for a camera crew to come over, I am impressed. I do not. So, I agreed to the next day and for 24 hours cleaned every corner of my first 3 rooms they would see. Now comes the funny part: The camera man and producer showed up before the anchor so they decided to shoot video of the kids playing. The kids had the playroom messed up in no time and when the anchor came in to meet the kids she sat on the playroom floor and said, "Let's just do the interview here." Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! LOL So, in the mess we sit and do the interview. So, for those of you who live in AZ and watch it tomorrow please don't think I didn't clean my house because I really did!!! They were here over an hour but the story will be less than 5 minutes I'm sure. I just hope I didn't say anything dumb. I think I did OK but we'll see. When I get nervous I can't express myself very well. So, tune in if you get a chance. It will probably be online after it airs so for those out of the area I will give you the link next time. Only if it's good. =-)