Sunday, May 17, 2009

GOTCHA Anniversary

Friday, May 15th, 2008 was our official papers signed- Gotcha Day. Today is our Home One Year Day!!!!! How amazing to have our sweet son for a whole year now! He is just doing so wonderful.

His 2 big areas of challenge are language and eating. He has about 8 words and 8 signs but we haven't gotten much further with that in a while. I think he has been so focused on moving that he has put speech aside for a while. He walks everywhere now and loves to put his cool new orthotics on. Which of course I thought he would hate. What do I know?! He will pretty much only cooperate with his physical therapist if they are outside. He LOVES to be outside. Right now it is over 100 degrees here so we are in the pool almost every day and he is in heaven. Yes, my baby who hated the bath, now loves it and loves to swim! (Well, float.)

Max also loves to eat but only pureed food. We have been going to feeding therapy but he is still not into eating solids yet. Hopefully soon. Any ideas are welcome, by the way. He puts solid food in his mouth like he wants to like it but then immediately makes a face and spits it out. His therapist said he will just do it one day and never look back.

So who is Max at age 2 years, 5 months? Max is a handful who loves life. He is a climber and right now has a big forehead bruise to prove it. He is ALL boy! He loves balls and cars, trucks, buses and rocks. He has a laugh that is SO contagious it makes strangers in the store laugh. He is smart and loves to figure things out. He loves to take off all his clothes which is pretty funny but we hope the phase ends soon. He also likes to put stuff in drawers and other containers so you never what you are going to find where. Today I found the remote control in the clothes hamper!! I would have been looking for that for days! Lucky I came across it before it got washed! Tears come to my eyes as I think of all the blessings Max has brought to our life. What a fun little "wild angel" he is.