Friday, December 19, 2008

Gifts of Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching.  I am almost done shopping.  This year I was able to give a fun surprise to my husband.  He mentioned a few weeks ago that he really wanted a puppy.  We have a 2 year old dog and of course, 3 children so I laughed at him!!  I told him he should get me some newborn twins while he was at it!!  Well, he searched the internet to find breeders in our area but found none for the kind of dog we have and want.  (A Cavapoo- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix.)  He was ready to spend way too much money to have one shipped here.  Well, I mentioned this to a friend of mine who told me her friend, just 5 miles away, had a litter of Cavapoos right now.  The exact breed we are looking for!!  I couldn't believe it.  I called her and sure enough, she had 4 puppies left.  I made an appt. at 5pm to come see them and pick one.  I told my husband I needed him home at 5 to take him to see a playset someone was selling for really cheap.  A few hours later he called me from work to tell me he was reading the paper and found Cavapoo puppies for sale just 5 miles from our house!  He had called the breeder and set up a 7:30 appointment.  Oh yes, the same breeder.  It was great!  I called the breeder to let her know the 7:30 appt was my DH and we had a good laugh.  She had told him there were 3 puppies available because she already promised one to me.  She hadn't realized it was my DH who called.  So, we drove to go see the "playset" and he stressed on the way there about how he was going to move a playset and put it back together.  As we pulled in to the house, I thought he might recognize the address but he didn't.  We went to her backyard with her and I could see Kevin scanning the backyard for the playset.  We turned a corner and there were the kennels with all the puppies.  He glanced at them and continued to walk.  I said, "Honey, incase you haven't noticed, there is no playset.  We're here to see the puppies.  This is the breeder and I am the 5 o'clock appt."  He said, "NO WAY!"  He was totally surprised and I let him in on the whole story.  It was great!!  Anyway, since I couldn't beat him I decided to join him.  So, the day after Christmas we will pick up our new puppy, Gus.  I don't know which made Kevin happier, getting the puppy or the relief of not having to put a huge playset together!  I think it was definitely the puppy.  Too fun!

On another wonderful note, Max is now official.  His name has been changed and he is now readopted in the U.S.   I am SO happy that is done.  Now we can bless him at church and have him become part of our forever family.  It is a really special thing in our church to take your children to a temple and have a ceremony to become a family unit forever and not just for life.  We will do that the day after Christmas!  What a special day it will be to have all my children there together.  I know I will feel Braxton's love on that day.  My children will all dress in white and it will be beautiful.