Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kids in July

Pictures of 4th of July at my sister's house!

I guess I better post this month before July runs out. I am definitely keeping busy. I am really nervous for the kids to start school soon. I don't do well until I know they are settled, with a good aide, in a good classroom. We'll see. Ty will be in Kindergarten and Tia will be 2nd grade. There was no half-day Kinder at our school so I will be pulling Tyler out at 1:30 everyday. That way he can continue his therapies at home another year without rearranging his schedule. He's going to be exhausted for a few weeks but he's not much of a napper anyway. It will be fun to have only Max home during the day. I know he will really miss T&T though. He loves to follow them around and do everything they do.

So, I decided for this post I would tell a few funny things my kids have said. I have a journal by my bed that is specifically for "Tia-isms" and I need to get one going for Tyler too.

Tia is a singer! She sings morning, noon and night. She used to sing the correct words to songs but now likes to add her own. For example the other day she was singing, "Rockin Around In Tia's Room" and "Bring Back My Dolly to Me". She told me one day that she wanted to sing the garden song. I said, "What garden song?" She said, "You know mom, 'Oh My Garden, Oh My Garden, Oh My Garden Clementine."

Tonight as Tia was going to bed:
Tia: " Good night mom, good night Movers" (Imagination Movers TV show featuring 4 guys)
Tia: in deep voice "Good night Tia, have good sleepers."
Tia: in normal voice, "OK I will."

Tyler: "What's today?"
Me: "Today is Thursday. We eat breakfast, play, Heather comes, then after lunch Denise comes."
Tyler: "Oh. Eat breakfast, play, Heather, ice cream and cake, then Denise." (totally straight faced)
Me: laughing "Ice Cream and Cake!?"
Tyler: Curls up in a ball laughing so hard!
This from my son who frequently asks for pizza for breakfast.

Oh, Max has more words this month. One of which is (drum roll please) Mama!!!!! Yeah! Finally. He has added this month, "Please", "Fish", "Down", "Frog", "Car", "Up", "Help" (which is adorable by the way--"Hep Hep") and a few more animal sounds. He already had, Shoes, Ball, Go, Daddy, Daisy (the dog's name came WAY before Mama by the way!), Hat, Head, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Hair, All Done, and a handful of signs. I am super excited he is communicating more. He is very pleased with himself! I will try to record some of his words but he is pretty shy about performing for the video cam. We'll see.