Saturday, January 17, 2009

Busy month

Wow! It's been a while. Here's the updates in a nutshell: Tia has mono and strep and has only been to school 2 half days since before Christmas Break. She had a fever of 102+ for 9 days!!! A few nights ago her tonsils were so big she had a hard time sleeping on her back. (Got steroids for that.) Max is on breathing treatments a few times a day for a respiratory virus but is finally finishing that up I think. I really hope the mono and strep do not spread through the house. The new puppy is cute as can be but...a new puppy. He nips and pees and poops and chews etc. Tyler seems to be the only one in good health right now. He just has a chronic case of Stubborn-itis. Holy moly that boy is stubborn!

Now for the good news:
We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids had a great day and just watching them enjoy it was fantastic.
Our family was made a forever family on December 26 and it was beautiful! I will post pics later.
Tonight Max took 10 STEPS!!!! He's been stuck at 4 for a while now but tonight he did 10 followed by several 8's. He is so proud of himself. (Not unlike his mom.) It was so great! I hope to video it and put it on here.