Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Once again we have been blessed with great teachers this year! We really love our school. The kids are all doing great in typical classrooms. Tia is in 3rd, Tyler is in 1st, and Max is in Preschool. Our special ed teacher is wonderful and T & T spend an hour a day with her for math and reading. Oh math! Why is it just so hard for our kids? I am at the point I need to do some reading and find out how to make it easier for them. I've been lazy about that. I have to admit my focus has always been on daily skills and now that academics are getting more important I am a bit unprepared. On the other hand, my big kids can spell! Wow! I have been amazed at the memorization skills. Tia has 20 words a week and Ty has 10 but he gets the advanced list because the others are too easy for him. Go figure! Max is perfecting colors and shapes. It's funny because he knows Pink but not Green. (Tia is a bit dominant in our house.) Haha!