Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home Study to Court

Hooray! Finally, our home study write up is complete and on it's way to the court. We should get our adoption certification in about 3 weeks. (Step #4) Then, the paperwork goes on to the USCIS for HOPEFULLY only a few weeks and then on to Serbia. We just can't get him here fast enough!! We have decided to name him Max. No middle name yet. I look at his picture everyday on our shelf with our other family pictures and he is already part of the family. The kids see his picture and know baby Max is coming at Christmas time. They both have "the more the merrier" kind of attitude about life so, I think they will adjust well. Keep sending good thoughts our way so we can get Max home soon!


Arizona mom to eight said...

You children are so sweet, adorable little ones! I can see little Max with them. I am getting the phnoe number and name of the new USCIS officer in charge of adoptions, I will get it to you.

Congratulations on getting everything done, we were lucky our adoption certification took only a few days to return to us, but we are in Tucson.

The Spicer Family said...

Congrats on getting to the next step! I love seeing your beautiful wild angels, and I LOVE the name Max! Jill Spicer from RR

liesel said...

They are ALL adorable!