Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer issues

So, I wanted to post Buddy Walk pictures and Halloween pictures but my computer is on the fritz.  I am using my husband's laptop but I can't get the latest photos.  I'm not exactly computer literate!  I have to tell you though that Tia's teacher was telling me last week that one of her sight words is "come", which Tia knows and usually doesn't hesitate to say in her list of words.  Well, last week Tia was in a teasing mood and when they got to the word "come", Tia said, "dot com"  When the teacher looked at her funny she said, "It says Sesame Street dot com" complete with a smirk on her face.  So funny!!!!  When I was 6, computers were non existent, now I need my 6 year old to teach me how to work it!  LOL
Also, my friend Joyana Jensen is coming to town from CO for Thanksgiving.  She is an awesome photographer and would love to set up some shoots while she is here. So, if you live in Mesa or Gilbert and haven't gotten your Christmas card photos done go to her website, check it out and call her  to schedule an appt.  She does an amazing job!