Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Birthday" Party for Max

Max's fun smile! Can't you just hear him laughing when you see this picture?!

Max on the bouncy slide in the back yard.

Since Max was born on Christmas Day, it is difficult to do cake, presents, etc. on his actual birthday. So, we decided to do it around his "adoption date". It is close to Memorial Day so we had a family pool party/birthday party. He loved opening his presents and playing with his new toys.

Max LOVES balls so I made him a soccer ball cake. He didn't eat any of course but he danced when we all sang Happy Birthday. He was much more interested in getting back in the pool than hanging out to eat anything.

Rub-a-dub-dub, 3 cuties in the tub

Tia and Tyler at the award ceremony for baseball. This was Tyler's first year and Tia's 3rd. They LOVE their coaches and teammates and are always sad to have the season end.

Tyler's graduation from pre-school. He will be in a regular Kindergarten class next year!


And patiently waiting... said...

He is such a cutie pie! Two years? wow..time flies. We brought our daughter home from Serbia 6/07.

Beth said...

Love all the pictures and news!

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Oh MY!!! He is so darling and has grown sooo much. Yes, I can just hear him laughing. He's a doll!!! Many blessings...Trisha

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