Monday, September 28, 2009

School is in session

School is going really well for the kids this year. It is our best year yet. Both Tia and Tyler are in regular classrooms with aides. Both of their aides are terrific this year and they both have teachers who are happy to have them in class which makes life so much nicer for them. The resource teacher is great too. Ty goes 30 minutes a day and Tia goes 1 hour a day. We found out 2nd grade homework is much more demanding than 1st grade. However, after parents complained, they reduced the load a few weeks in. Hooray.

Max and I go to the gym most mornings and he plays with the toys and other kids. He loves it. He loves his one-on-one time with mom all day too. He is talking a lot more now and has over 50 words. He understands about everything and is a great little helper. He will start preschool in January which is crazy because he still seems so tiny. His backpack will be to his knees! He will love it though. I remember thinking Tia was too little too. She started preschool in 18 month-2T clothes. Tyler has never really been "too little". LOL Anyway, that's the Huff update for now.


Beth said...

Glad school is going so well, and that you've got another chatterer in the house! Way to go Max!

Sara Randall said...

Glad everything is going well! Can I just say that I almost had a heart attack when I saw how long your hair is in your header picture?! Crazy!