Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recent antics

So people often say to me that I must have some good stories. Mostly this is parents who have children with Down syndrome because they have good stories of their own. Well let me tell you about a few in the last 2 weeks:
Fall Break, we head to the zoo. I purposefully do not put hats on the children because 2 of our hats are at the bottom of the zoo duck pond already. So, off we go. Max in the stroller, the other 2 walking. I brought my respite provider with us as Kevin had to work. Well, we almost made it out without an incident. Almost. My favorite animal is the otter. So on the way out I stop at the otters. I take Max out of the stroller and put him on my hip so he can see over the wall and that's when it happens. Mr. Octopus (aka Max) whips the hat off of a little girl next to us and before I even know it's happened, he has thrown the hat INTO the otter exhibit! The little girl is devastated and immediately begins crying hysterically! I had to run over to the snack shack and get them to radio for someone who could get it out. Which she did, thankfully. The girl was still crying when they left.

OK, here's another one. We had a primary program today in church which is where the children are up on the stand and sing for all the adults. Now I knew Tyler was going to have a hard time sitting for the hour in the same chair with nothing to do. (When he sits with us we bring quiet games/books etc.) So, the program goes as planned and both kids get up to the mic to say their parts. Tia added "The End. Thank you." and a few jumbled words to the end of her part but that was fine. Now comes the embarrassing part. The program is done and it is time for the congregation to sing a closing song. Only they can't. Because Tyler is now lying under the organ and won't come out! So I have to go up on the stand and get Tyler out from under the organ which is no easy feat as he weighs 75 pounds and there are chairs with children in them all around the organ. The congregation couldn't see him until I pulled him out looking half asleep and having no clue he was causing a delay. Yes, once he emerged I heard a few chuckles.

After church we set off on a hunt to find Tia who was not where she should have been. As I searched through the rooms and halls with one boy in each hand I enlisted help from friends. I began to get really nervous thinking she could have tried to walk home (we live across the street) so I looked out side all around the church. No Tia. I went back in to find her chatting it up with the Bishop and several other men in his office. Oh, that girl and her social habits! It may be the death of me. I'm going to have a tracking devise implanted in her!!! Just kidding. A mom's wishful thinking.

So, we set off home where within 10 minutes Max has emptied the entire jar of fish food all over the carpet. (He knocked it down by throwing a rubber duck over the fish tank.) Where was I, you ask? Just changing. Later in the day he climbed up on the piano bench and got my church bag. Normally this would be an OK thing to get down. Not today. Today's lesson was on music and we made shakers with rice and beans. So, he poured those all over the floor. Where was I? Making dinner. Have you guessed that Kevin has not been home today?

Max also has discovered he can turn on the bath all by himself. So, fully clothed he will get into the bathtub and turn it on. Luckily this only happened once and we got to him before he was too wet. That is so dangerous! So, we are back to locking the bathroom door. Ho hum. When will we live without gates and locked doors?

Now let me tell you that I know I should be happy. After all, Max twisted off the cap to the fish food and opened 2 ziplock bags to empty the beans and rice. This is good fine motor skills. He also does a lot of problem solving. Pushing the chair over to get what he wants up high. I recognize it but it doesn't seem to make it any less irritating.
Hope everyone is doing well. I will post pics of Halloween next week.

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Julie said...

I love your stories! Max sounds SO much like David! It must be their common heritage? Never a dull moment. :) I'm always glad to read about your family.