Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 YEARS!!!!!

Serbia- May 2008
Remember the days he couldn't smile without his tongue out? Love it!

May 2009

May 2010

Yesterday was Max's Adoption Day a.k.a. Gotcha Day! I can't believe it was 2 years ago that we were in Serbia. It seems like last month in so many ways. It was such a highlight of my life! Beautiful country and beautiful friends there. We miss them very much!! So, above is the year by year look back. He is getting so big! My grandma was here a while back and was looking at pictures on the wall at our house. She said, "Now, who is this one of?" She couldn't believe it was a picture of Max taken at the Children's Home in Serbia. She said, "He just looks so different now. He looks like the rest of your children." We get that alot. Several of our friends have adopted children of different races and it's funny how even they start to just be part of that family's "look."

I think adoption is one of the stronger testimony builders I have had in my life. It gave me a stronger knowledge that God knows each of us and what we need in our lives. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Max was just meant to be in our family. I think of his birth parents often and think how proud they would be of him now. I wish we could share our joy with them to ease what I'm sure is still very painful to them. I hope they are happy and have been able to move forward.

Max is the world's busiest child. Kevin nicknamed him Velcro yesterday. He took both boys to the petstore and was amazed at how many things just "jumped" into Max's one free hand. He said "I was holding his hand! How could he have grabbed so much stuff!" I just laughed. Is that mean? =-) Don't you love when dad's experience a drop of what you have been dealing with forever! LOL Max is also the world's cutest child. (Yes, this is fact. I am not bias at all.) His preschool teachers are in love with him as well as everyone at every store we go to. He is getting more social now. He used to be grouchy to people he didn't know who said hi to him but he is gettting better. He is talking so much now. Preschool has really helped that. His favorite thing to eat is yogurt. He likes to color, play musical instruments and be outside. I am excited to start using the pool in a few weeks because I know he will LOVE it.

Anyway, so happy for the 2 years we have had with our awesome son and look forward to all the crazy things he will say and do in years to come!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just some cute pics to share

How cute is this guy? Yes, that is a spatula he's waving around. Maybe he's the Army cook??

Tia dancing with a friend at the Sharing Down Syndrome Easter Party. Adorable!

The highlight of our Spring is playing BASEBALL! They love it! Well, Tia more than Tyler (see quotes below.)

This pic is a little hard to see because I didn't want to disturb the moment. Here he is rocking a baby doll. The funny thing is this is a little boy doll we bought in Serbia. He later tucked him into bed. So sweet! I loved it so much because usually he is such a rough and tumble boy.

A great picture of the kids playing outside. It is getting hot fast so we are trying to enjoy every minute of nice weather.

A few recent quotes:
Tia: It sure was a fun day today.
Me: It was? What did we do that was fun? (It was only noon so I couldn't think of a thing.)
Tia: You know, went to church, ate breakfast.
My thought: I guess I set my expectation of fun too high. Breakfast? Really? Oh, to appreciate every little thing.

The other day a boy from church came to our door. Tia introduced all of us and then asked his name. He said, "Nick." To which Tia immediately replied, "Hi Nick, I'm Jonas." (Nick is the name of one of the Jonas brothers. I didn't even know she knew the names of the Jonas brothers. The important things you learn in 2nd grade.)

Tyler was giving me a hard time playing outfield in baseball.
Me: "Do you want to bat?"
Tyler: "No. I want to be on the team."
Me: "Well then let's go play."
Tyler: "No. No play. I just be on the team."
Me: "What does that mean to just be on the team?"
Tyler: "Say 2-4-6-8 and Good Game and do like this" (his hand goes into high 5 position)
My thought: Well, we can't all be Babe Ruth!