Tuesday, December 13, 2011


10 years old! Wow. So, in honor of her 10th, here are 10 things about Tia:

1. Tia is our little entertainer. She loves to sing and dance and talk. And talk. And talk.
2. She is super flexible and can tie herself into a human pretzel.
3. She's a picky eater and has eaten the same things since she was a year old, pretty much. I'm so done smelling Vienna sausages. But the girl loves them!
4. She has several celebrity boyfriends. She especially loves Greyson Chance! If you don't know who he is, you tube him. He's adorable.
5. She HATES to have her hair done! But she also hates to wear her hair down. Everyday she begs for "just a ponytail".
6. Her favorite color is pink pink pink!
7. She is in 4th grade and she loves school.
8. Her nickname is Tia Maria Sophia Tortilla Shnookems Girlfriend.
9. She has an amazing memory and rarely misses a spelling word.
10. She is happy most of the time which is a huge blessing! She is just super fun and contagious.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, dear Tia!!!!!

And - LOL - you and Matthew have so many traits in common!!!! Here's to year 10 for both of you!!!!!


HAPPY late birthday Tia Maria, sophia, tortilla-haha! I love that girl, miss you!

beauty and fashion said...

awesome pictures