Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So tomorrow was supposed to be a great day. Max's re-adoption day. He would finally be "Max" and he would have an English birth certificate with his new name. Well, as you can guess, there was a glitch. No one informed us, until today, that we need a post placement visit to show the judge tomorrow. Serbia does not require one until he has been here 6 months so we didn't even call an agency yet. Typing this two hours later: I called the agency and they can come on Saturday to do the visit. YEAH! So, it should only set us back a few weeks. I am glad because we can't bless him in our church until his birth certificate name matches his blessing name. Oh, and I broke my toe today. Nice! It is swollen and black and blue. I'm glad it is still sandal weather here for a while. My friend said my warranty must have just run out because last week I tripped in the car while re-buckling Tyler, who unbuckled his car seat as Kevin was driving. Anyway, I hurt my knee doing that and now my toe. What a dork I am!

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JennyH said...

I liked reading about your family. My oldest son is 7 years old, has Ds, and is named Max! You have such a beautiful family. I am SO sorry about wild angel #1, Braxton though. My heart breaks just thinking about it.