Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!

This is in January before he goes into surgery for his tonsil and adenoid removal. That was the only smile we saw for a few days. It was a LONG 2 weeks.

Are you sure Tyler is the little brother?? He out weighs her by 10-15 lbs. So cute!

Tia is giving him a birthday hug while singing Happy Birthday.

This boy waited ALL day to eat cake and ice cream!!!

Happy Birthday to my Tyler today! He is 6 years old. Amazing. He changed his request for his birthday cake 3 times. First it was an alligator, then a hippopotamus and finally a race car. I was glad not to do the hippo because that may have been above my amateur abilities. He sure is a cutie and we just LOVE all 65 lbs of him. A friend of mine calls him "her hunk-a-burnin' love"! He loves to watch TV, play on the playground, and eat pizza. He is super funny and loves to laugh. He thinks the word "buns" is the funniest word on the planet. (Oh, 6 year-old boys!) He loves school and his friends (once he gets there) but tries to convince me he's too sick to go to school on a daily basis. "I can't go to school. I have a cough. I'm VERY sick." His sister is his best friend and every morning they plan a "play date after school" with each other. He is a great big brother and a good helper to mom. He is a daddy's boy 100%. He and daddy go to the pet store every Saturday to see all the animals. He loves the zoo and would watch the elephants all day. The hippo is his very favorite animal but we don't have one at our zoo. He is a stubborn and wonderful boy and adds joy to my life every single day! Happy Birthday Bubba!!


My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tyler! Great job on the cake, Mom. :)

amyl4 said...

OMG, I have so missed reading your blog! You need to update more often!:):) This post of Tyler brought tears to my eyes, he is just so CUTE! Thank you for sharing your pictures, and Tyler's special day! Happy Birthday Tyler!!!

Shawnie said...

I know Amy, I am going to be better at blogging this year!