Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Belated pics of my preschooler

My first day of preschool!!!!!
The first pic makes him look so big and then you see the second picture where he is not even as tall as the door handle. SO CUTE this boy!

Ready for school. Backpack and all! Here is Max walking with his teacher on January 4th. Isn't he SO little? Yes, the boy next to him is 5 and in his class! The kids in his class LOVE him and so does his teacher. He is loving school. He has gotten sick a few times but we expected that. Nothing serious, just preschool, winter junk. I don't put him on the bus yet. He would probably love it but I would miss the 20 seconds of joy I get watching him walk to class with his friends and teacher. He is doing great and already picking up so much information. He is talking more which is always good. Sorry so short today but I wanted to get those pics up.


Kelly said...

Very cute!! So happy I stumbled across your blog....looking forward to following your journey:)

Anonymous said...

OH my!!!!!! :) So fun!!

Beth said...

What a cutie! I hope he's having fun at school!

Kyle Is Neat said...

so darn cute!!