Monday, November 26, 2007

Not yet

We got an e-mail a few days ago from the orphanage facilitator/physician. Apparently, the attorney in charge of International Adoption is out for "a few weeks" for paternity leave. GREAT. So, even though our paperwork is translated, it is stuck on his desk until he returns. Once he gives the OK, it is passed on to the Orphanage Ministry Officials. And we continue to wait. SO, I guess we are not going to Serbia anytime too soon. Bummer. The only positive is that it is nice to plan Christmas knowing we will be here. It will make life a bit harder financially next year because we won't get our money back in April now. Oh well. I will just plan my "due date" for the end of January and go from there.

Max was sick with the flu last week which is always worrisome. But he is doing good now. A few days ago, he had his psychological evaluation to determine his development levels. They wanted to have new, updated info to give the officials when our paperwork gets to them. The physician said, "he was so good. He needs a forever family ASAP so he can start Early Intervention." She is such a wonderful woman.

I am glad he is not (and NEVER will be) in a institution there. My heart was broken as I looked at the recent articles and photos of Serbian Institutions. I am glad God can see the big picture, because it is an awful life here on earth for some children. I told one of my friends that I just want to adopt 50 children and open my own home here to give them better care. The truth is that the change needs to start with community awareness there. If the only choice being presented to women there is abortion or orphanage, they do not have the supports in place to help parents raise their children at home and in public schools. Perhaps, I should bring 50 parents and physicians here to see how much love our children bring and how amazing they are. I bet showing them my 5 year old who can read, would blow their minds!!! Oh, how I am blessed. My children are truly the reason I breathe everyday. All 3 of them have taught me SO much in such a short time. I look forward to my future with them (Max included)!

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liesel said...

Your story is so encouraging to me. We have had some try to talk us out of our adoption. It's a sad state of our world to not see the value of every child. I'm sorry about your setback. The nerve of him to go on paternity leave and while your papers sit on his desk!!!