Saturday, December 1, 2007

Isn't he a doll?!

I am finally able to put Max's picture on our blog! Now you can see how adorable he is. He will fit right into our family. He is ll months now. I am sad he is growing up without us but I know I will still be privileged to his first steps and many more firsts. That is something I will treasure. I am just happy to share him with you.


The Urbans said...

He has so much hair. He is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing. :) Maybe we'll have our babies home about the same time....Maybe?

anonymous me said...

Shawnie- Isn't it hilarious that the let Max's hair grow long, and they chopped off all of Aunika's? What are they thinking over there? Can't wait to have our two little Serbs in the US and have a PARTY!

WheresMyAngels said...

Hello, just looking thru the families adopting and ran across your family. I'm not adopting but am so excited for everyone whom is able too and so glad you can all save a child.

I have 2 bio children with DS (translocation trisomy 21/14) and wondered if one of you was a carrier also. I would like to start a website one day for carrier's. I want people to know that it is wonderful and I have no regrets that I am a carrier. I also have one daughter whom is a carrier like I am.

Many prayers that your adoption goes smoothly and you have your son in your arms soon.

Gayla, mom to two teen girls with DS.

Staffords said...

He is so cute. He will definitely fit right in to your family. I am so excited for you and hope all goes smoothly.

Shawnie said...

GAYLA- Thanks for your comment. My kids all have non-disjunction Trisomy 21. They are not sure why we have 3 bio kids with DS. The guess is that my hubby or I have mosiac DS that effects only our reproductive system and is not found in our blood. So, basically, (maybe) all my ovarian cells have an extra chromosome. That gives us a 50/50 chance for each child to have DS. We have never done any testing to confirm that. I'm so glad to "meet" another family with 2 great kids! They are the best!

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm on a multiples YaHoo group (hey maybe your even on it, I miss alot of post) and there is another family with three bio kids with DS. I think they also have two bio kids that don't have DS.

I have to say that I run across alot more families with more than one child with DS that aren't carriers than I do carriers. But typically not three.

Did you know before you had any of your children that they had DS? I only knew with my second one because in my 8th month we found the AV Canal defect. I didn't realise my last one didn't have DS til she was born. My dh and I were sure she had it!! lol

Arizona mom to eight said...

Oh, he is such a handsome little man! They cut Kara's hair like a boys too!