Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things are looking up

Thank you to all who thought and prayed for our situation lately. We heard from the American family in Serbia today. They said things seemed much calmer today. The US Embassy was not open but they felt safe enough to tour the city today which is wonderful. They spoke to the chief of the Ministry and the Minister, who assured them "that there will not be any problems with (the) adoption from them. They are not going to let the political situation between the U.S. and Serbia affect (the) adoption negatively." Hooray!!! Let's hope that continues to be the attitude there.


Julie said...

That is such good news! I appreciate your sharing what the family has told you! It's like having an inside connection:). Did they say anything about our little guy??
~Julie :)

Shawnie said...

Julie- Do you know them? She mentioned seeing Max and Elena but no one else. I'm sure she did see David too as they are all on the same floor but I'm not sure she's seen a picture of him to know who he is. I'll send her a pic of David and have her make sure he's still cute. LOL Isn't it good that things are looking better there? Yeah! Shawnie

Stella said...

I am so happy for your good news. we will continue to pray for your cute family. I can't wait to hear more.