Saturday, June 7, 2008

The many steps of bathtime

Step 1: Fully dressed with NO water . Play for 2-3 minutes.

Step 2: Clothes off but diaper on, still NO water. Continue playtime.

Step 3: Diaper off, play a while. Then start the water. He usually freaks out as soon at it touches him, but today he did great!

Step 4: Wash body and hair while playing and singing. He whined but was still happy for the camera.

Step 5: Love on my little Max burrito!! He did amazing!!!!
WE DID IT!!!! I am SO happy he is trusting me now! I really just think he had no idea it was supposed to be fun. Now he is relaxing a little. We will continue the 5 step process for a while to help him feel more at ease. He is just so dang fun! Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. I'm so happy to have others to ask!!!

Also, Max ate 2 meals by spoon yesterday!!! He is up to eating 8-10 oz of baby food at a time. It is awesome! Next battle will be texture. I plan to wait a few weeks for that. We have an upper GI study next Tuesday to see about his aspiration and reflux. I am so curious to see what is going on. He is still really raspy after every feeding and has a nasty cough even with the meds he is on now. My hope is that it is just reflux and not a structural issue when he swallows. Reflux can be fixed with medication. I'm not sure what they will do if it is structural.

Tia and Tyler are adjusting really well. Tia still needs her space now and then but there has been a lot of change for her to deal with. She has a new respite provider, we've had lots of company, Max's crying scares her, and daddy went out of town for a few days. She is still processing everything. Tyler is very easy going and change is not as difficult for him. So, he helps Tia by being a friend to play with. They are great kids!! Right now they are pretending to be in school. Tyler is writing his abc's and Tia is giving a lecture on manners! "You have to share Tyler, OK?" "OK" Pretty funny. I am almost surprised things are going so well. I am just trying not to feel spread too thin but give everyone some one on one time. It takes a lot of energy but it is worth it!


amyl4 said...

Beautiful Happy Kids! You have it all:):) I'm so happy for you! Give that little Max a hug for me, he's so darn cute!!

Michelle said...

First off - hugs to you and Kevin, k?
WOOT Max!!!! You go boy! That's awesome! Great steps to have come up with to get him used to the water! I'm so glad you're family is starting to relax and get everyone adjusted! :)

Kristin said...

Hi! I found your blog through Reese's Rainbow and have LOVED following the last part of your journey to Max. Thanks for having a public blog - you make me SO want to get on the "international adoption roller coaster" again! We have been so blessed by our little guy with some special needs (cleft and hearing issues) from Russia! He's a hoot too. :) You sound like you are SO on the right track getting him adjusted to your home. Keep up the great work!


Andrea Roberts said...

We have made "Reece tacos" ever since he was teeny! Was so cute to know you call him a burrito! lol ---Andrea Roberts, Reece's Rainbow DS Adoption Ministry

Leah Spring said...

Hooray for progress! That is awesome. Sometimes it's baby steps before you can get to a leap, right?

I'll be interested to see how is swallow study goes. Sounds like he's aspirating on the swallow. My daughter had a gtube until she was 3 for the same problem. But by 3 she was able to eat orally, and now at 12 you'd never guess she was once tube fed! Oh...and reflux isn't always stopped with meds. My daughter had surgery at 11 months because of severe reflux. Aspirating from reflux can kill a kid, and when they're aspirating from reflux they usually have a nissen fundoplycation done. Not a fun surgery, but for some kids like my daughter, it saves their life.

orphans4me said...

Congratulations on the progress!!

Dolores said...

I just LOVE those moments of conversation between the kids! One of my favorite parts of parenting!