Monday, June 9, 2008

Weight check today

We had a weight check today. I am SOOO excited to announce that Max is now 19 lbs, 10 oz! He has gained 36 oz in 21 days!!!!!! How amazing! He came to us at 17-6 and we were hoping for a one-ounce-a-day weight gain which we have happily exceeded! Maybe we won't have to be on Pediasure as long as we thought.

Tomorrow is the big upper GI test so, we'll see how it goes. NO surgery is the ultimate goal in my mind! I know I can't control it but I have done the g-button life and I don't want to go there again. Plus, I hate putting my kids under anesthesia. So, hopefully we can use medication for reflux without needing the fundoplication. The doctor said today that most likely if he is aspirating when he swallows, it can be fixed with a feeding specialist since he is already 17 months old and is dealing OK with it. We will see what tomorrow morning brings.

My hubby is home! No more single mom. Don't you just think it's cruel to leave me with 3 kids right off the bat! Just kidding. I mean, really, golf is important too. HA HA. Just teasing! I love you honey. But I am VERY glad you are home! Now, can you change that dirty diaper?


Julie said...

Looks like he is doing well! Glad to see the bath time is getting better too!

Christina said...

He sounds like he is doing really great! Praying for no surgery!