Thursday, April 24, 2008

The countdown begins!!!

9 MORE DAYS till takeoff!!!!!   I am getting ready to go.  I am a huge list person.  I made lists of things to be done in every room in my house.  I am slowing working my way through those. Tomorrow I will make a few freezer meals and finish all the gift buying.  (I have a sitter on Fridays.)  I am a bit frustrated by the travel agencies as they are taking their sweet time to find me information.  I feel like I lose $200 for every day they spend looking.  So, no matter what, the tickets will be bought TODAY.  

I have an apartment in Belgrade though.  Hooray!  The company we were going to use ended up not being so great to another family so we opted not to use them.  Our church has missionaries who travel all over the world.  So, I contacted the church in Belgrade and the Branch President offered his help to find an apartment.  So, he has been wonderful in helping us!  He found us an apartment in a perfect location for our trip.  I am so grateful to have him.  

So, that's the update so far.  I am off to run errands while the kids are at school.  Oh, the family in Belgrade right now will be home tomorrow!!!!  The adoption became official on Tuesday and they got the Visa for their son yesterday.  Did I mention this is the first adoption of a child with Down syndrome EVER from Serbia?  (Internationally or within Serbia.)  Amazing!!  I pray that we can continue educating the people there as this family has done such a wonderful job of that.  I really want the world to know that our children are not accidents.  They have a wonderful purpose in life and ALL children, regardless of ability will teach us and share things us "typical" folks take our whole lives trying to understand.  OK, off my soap box but I love my children with everything I am and I'm in awe every day that I was entrusted with them.


Gabby said...

Hello Shawnie,
This is Gaby from the Partners class. It was great to hear from you. I will be praying for you, you guys are awesome.

Kenyon said...

I am SO happy to have your blog now. I am SO excited for you and so happy to watch it all happen. I am passionate about adoption and kids who need families! You are a special family. Im so excited for you...May 5th, YEAH!!!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

The Dinner Belle said...

Congratulations! We will pray for a safe journey and that all of the arrangements will go smoothly for you. How exciting!!!!

The Dinner Belle said...

PS - the new picture of Tia on your blog is SO stinkin' cute!!

Christina said...

Your trip is coming up so quickly, though I know it must seem like slow motion to you! Praying for you as you travel overseas and get to meet your little one!

(one of Merediths buds)