Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Baby steps

We got a potential travel date yesterday! The facilitator still has to clear the date with the officials but she is trying to get it around April 10th. NEXT THURSDAY! So, I am trying not to count on that date until she tells me for sure but it is hard not to. I have a ton to do to get ready but mentally, I am beyond ready! I want to thank Meredith, who went to Ukraine earlier this year, for a fantastic detailed packing list! It has helped tremendously! Now I have to stock the fridge and freezer with meals, clean the house (not a small undertaking) and pack. Wow! I get to pack!!! I have to make myself clean first and use packing as the reward. I'm such a dork!

I can't even describe how much I will miss my kids. My sister is coming to take care of them which is such a blessing. She is going to move her whole family into my house for the almost 3 weeks we will be gone. My kids have a hard time with change so sleeping in their own beds with regular therapies and school as normal will really help. I know we are doing what is right so I know they will be blessed while we are gone. I have just never left my kids for more than a few days so it will be very difficult. I just have to focus on bringing Max home. I will let you know when the date is official, you can count on it!


Shelley said...

I hope you get some concrete news soon...and that you are on your way this time next week! I also hope that I will see you there the next week!!!! And packing....ugg...I haven't even thought about a packing list!

Cynthia said...

Oh wow... I been reading and following your blog. How exciting that the time is getting closer! Wish I was able to help out!

I am excited to hear all about the trip!!!