Saturday, April 5, 2008

A little about me

Since I started this blog, I have been fortunate to "meet" new friends and hook up with old ones from my past. My mother in law recently e-mailed me a "getting to know you" questionaire. I thought I would fill it out on here so you could all get to know me a bit outside of the adoption.

1. What time did you get up this morning? 7:20am (It's Saturday, otherwise it would be 6:40)
2. Last concert attended? Paul Potts concert last week with my hubby. (If you don't know who he is, Google him, he is AMAZING.)
3. Last movie you saw at the theater? Horton Hears a Who (Tia loved it. Tyler only payed attention until the snacks were gone, then kept saying "The End."
4. TV show you watch weekly? American Idol and Dancing w/the Stars.  I also like medical shows like House and Discovery health stuff but my hubby doesn't so I don't watch it much.
5. 3 favorite foods? Chocolate, lobster, and prime rib
6. Foods you dislike? Beets and weird stuff like escargot. Yuck!
7. 3 hobbies? I love to scrapbook, I usually have a small sewing project going on, and lately I have enjoyed reading blogs. I also like to sing but I don't do it anywhere but home.
8. CD in your car stereo at the moment? I have a 6 disc changer, only 2 are mine and 4 are the kids. Mine are Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride right now.
9. Favorite sandwich? The after thanksgiving sandwich!! Turkey, cranberry sauce, & stuffing.
10. Favorite holiday? Definitely Christmas and the month leading up to it.
11. Favorite item of clothing? Pajama pants and a tee shirt.
12. Favorite candy bar? Definitely Reece's PB Cups
13. Favorite animal? otter
14. Do you have a pet? Yes, a Cavalier Spaniel/Poodle named Daisy and 2 fish, Ozzie and Harriet.
15. What store would you love to have a $10,000 gift cert to? Practically, I would have to say WalMart because I feel like I live there.
16. 3 Favorite movies? 13 going on 30, Just Like Heaven, and While you Were Sleeping.
17. Most interesting jobs? Lifeguard, Factory worker at Window making plant (I got cut up alot!), working at a convenience store--loved that because my best friend was my manager. My grown-up jobs were much better. Working as an RN in Labor and Delivery, Post Partum and Women's post surgery.
18. Nick name? Shoosh or Shoo Shoo Magoo (my family still all call me that)
19. What are your kids doing right now? Having a pretend picnic while watching Mickey Mouse's Picnic. Funny!
20. Favorite flower? Gerber Daisies

OK so that's me. Hope I didn't bore you to death.

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Dolores said...

Not boring at all, loved learning more about you!